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Energy@home Senegal

Worldwide Solar

Energy@Home is always ready, whether it concerns a project in the heart of Africa or an initiative around the corner. With an unwavering commitment to both noble causes and the support of sports, David and Marieke demonstrate what true philanthropy means. Their hearts beat relentlessly for good, embodied by the timeless principle: We borrow the Earth from our children .
(Jan Blomme )



Support the local population of Senegal with solar panels and batteries and help build their own economy by teaching them how to assemble installations.


We are happy to sponsor this sport because we are aware that if global warming continues, winter sports will be threatened.

charging station pieter-JB.png

Bike Charging Stations with 'C'artworks...

...for those whose lives have been touched by the big 'C.' This supports cancer organizations. A bike route with charging stations featuring the artworks of 'Roger De Backer' themed around flax in the Leie region.

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