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Energy@Home, founded in 2009 by David Veranneman, welcomed Marieke Vyverman to the team as a result of the company's strong growth. Since then we have completed successful installations at numerous companies.

We are your dedicated consultant and specialist in sustainable energy solutions for companies. We use solar energy with advanced solar panels, allowing your company to generate energy in an environmentally friendly way. Our expertise also includes optimizing generated energy with innovative battery storage systems. With personal advice, we help your company not only save energy, but also contribute to a greener future, directly from your business environment.

Energy@Home has several years of experience in the sector and is RESCERT certified, which means your company may be entitled to subsidies and reductions in EPB or EPC standards upon purchase. Our team is ready to work with you to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for your business.

David and Marieke

Energetic sustainability: solar panels, batteries and charging stations for a GREEN company!


Protect your company against the fluctuating energy prices of today and tomorrow by investing in solar panels! This sustainable energy solution is ubiquitous these days and owes its popularity to subsidies and the continued rise in energy prices. In addition to reducing your company energy bill, solar panels contribute significantly to reducing your company's CO2 emissions and can have a positive effect on achieving EPB or EPC standards.

Energy@Home - Solar panel company


Optimize your industrial energy storage with a battery system equipped with an integrated bidirectional inverter, specially designed for installation within your business premises.

Increase the reliability and safety of your battery system with our 24/7 Monitoring Service and Capacity Guarantee. Maximize your income thanks to our Optimal Control Service.

Create a system as desired by combining multiple battery cabinets, with the option of scaling up to a MWh scale.



Succeeding in a constantly changing environment requires anticipation of future needs, which can often be challenging. The charging network offers a solution that adapts to the specific needs of your company and grows with changes. This network allows you to manage charging via a cloud platform, giving you complete visibility and control.

In addition, in many European countries you can benefit from government incentives when you purchase a charger for your business.

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