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Ice cold drinks anytime, anywhere!

The ICEMAKER THE ORIGINAL is the solution for all your ice cube needs. No more hassle with plastic molds or expensive refrigerators with ice dispensers. This stylish ice cube maker makes clear, hollow ice cubes in minutes, perfect for spontaneous parties, at home, on the boat, at the office, or camping. Choose from different colors and enjoy ease of use and mobility. With a simple control panel and a transparent window, you'll never have to run out of ice again. ICEMAKER THE ORIGINAL: ice-cold drinks anytime, anywhere!

icemaker the original
Icemaker-the-original by Energy@Home
Icemaker-the-original by Energy@Home

Technische specificaties

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Technical specifications

  • CE approved

  • English manual with illustrations

  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz

  • Ice making capacity: 12 kg/24h

  • Ice storage capacity: 0.7 kg

  • Number of blocks per cycle: 9 pieces

  • Ice cube shape: hollow, round cubes

  • Amount of water to add: 2.2 L

  • Time for single ice making: 6-13 min.

  • Ice cube size: small 20-25mm, large 25-30mm

  • Box dimensions: 280 x 376 x 373 mm

  • LED display

  • Compressor cooling

  • European plug

How does it work?

Watch the video below and you'll love it in no time!

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