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Zonne energie


We aim for:

  • high-efficiency QUALITY

  • customised, strong prices and professional installation

  • short delivery times

  • 7/7 service

The big why...

  • A photovoltaic solar installation is your own source of green energy.

  • You use less electricity from the grid. This reduces your electricity bill.

  • By using 100% green electricity you help reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Solar installations last 'for life'. It requires very little maintenance and has a lifespan of more than 40 years.

  • Solar panels can be visually unremarkable.

  • A solar installation can increase the value of your property and significantly reduce the EPB or EPC value.


Electricity from solar panels is a green, renewable form of energy that does not emit CO² or other pollutants. A typical residential solar installation can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2 tons per year, which equates to more than 40 tons for its entire life cycle.

Sunlight is free, so once the initial investment is paid, your annual electricity costs will be significantly reduced. Fortunately, supporting measures are no longer needed to make people realize that we have to "save" if we invest in solar panels and not "earn". This is very important for ENERGY@home. An installation now costs 50% less than in the period when subsidies were used.

We strive to ensure that taxpayers who CANNOT purchase solar panels also have to pay less. That is why we offer some options to these people.
ENERGY@home specializes in small, honest, high-quality group purchases with high returns (example: neighbors and friends, reference discount with eco vouchers, etc.).

Free recycling is provided with our solar panels! The cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don't use! Sounds normal, but very difficult for many to realize!

We are happy to help you find the ideal supplier in combination with your solar panels.

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